Tuesday, 3 January 2017

SQL is very important for Amdocs Interview preparation. Since during the interview interviewer ask questions based on database, you should focus on basic concepts of database and SQL Queries.

Below SQL Questions are compiled for candidates aspiring to appear in Amdocs Placement process and keen to prepare for Amdocs Interview. Tutorial Diary collected these questions for you to get an idea of questions that are asked in the interview. Therefore, practice and learn these questions and do well in your interview.

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What are joins?
Various SQL Quesries on joins
Write a Query to insert values from on table to another.
What does COMMIT command do?
How to update a field in SQL after ALTERING a row?
How to add additional conditions in SQL?
How to use copy and concatenate commands in SQL?
Write a program to fetch first 10 records from a file?
What are clusters?
What are the types of clusters?
What are index and non index clusters?
How to use clusters?
Write a query to delete a table.
Differentiate between DBMS and RDBMS.
Queries regarding projection in database.
Example of Group by and Having Clause
Example of Delete command
Example of Update command
What do you mean by functional dependency?
Explain ACID property.
What do you understand by Atomicity?
What is Consistent in ACID? Explain with example.
What is Isolation in ACID property? Explain with example.
What is Durability in ACID property of Database? Explain with Example.
What is Deadlock? How can detect deadlock?
How to prevent Deadlock?
What are DML commands? Give example.
What are DDL commands? Give example.
What is Primary Key?
What is Foreign Key?
What is the difference between Primary Key and Unique Key?
What are the constraints in database?
What is Normalization?
Explain 1NF with example.
Explain 2NF with example.
Explain 3NF with example.
What is DBMS?
What is RDBMS?

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