Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Most of the time, technical Interview starts with questions from projects that you mentioned in your resume. So mention those projects in which you are very comfortable. If you have done multiple projects then mention them in chronological order. However it is not essential, you can mention them in the order of your roles and your contribution to the respective project in your resume.

Tutorial Diary presents you the list of interview questions based on projects. Following questions are compilation of most likely asked questions in the interview.

Draw all front end window of project?
Why did you selected this project only?
Describe the best features of your project?
How many members were there in your project?
Explain your team member's role.
Explain your role in project,
Which platform or language did you use to build your project?
Why did you choose it?
How did u react at critical situations in your project when all of you had different ideas.
Have u insert any innovative idea in your project?
What is the innovative idea that is present in your project?
How did you fetch data from database for your project? Write the query.
Your project’s database was in which normal form?
How much time did it take to complete your project?
Did you face any difficulty while creating this project?
How did you overcome them?

We hope you get help from these questions while preparing for Amdocs interview. However if you want to prepare for more companies: Give a visit to: Tutorial Diary | Simply Learning

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